Training Transformational leadership

This training has been specially developed for executives, management, and teamleaders who wants to get the best out of themselves and their relationships. Transformational leadership is the ability to step out of one's own culture and initiate new evolutionary changes that are more appropriate. This 14-day training has been developed for people who are responsible for an organization, team or department, want to develop, apply and integrate skills. With the aim to make contact with oneself and others from inner strength at all time.

During these days you will learn:
  • To make effective contact, motivate, achieve goals more easily, increase receptiveness, ask the right questions, understand structures behind (less) successful behavior and change them if desired, the criteria on which we make decicions, insight into your own and other people's model of the world, how we deal with ourselves and others and how we can free the way to change.
  • Becoming aware of unconscious patterns, insight on a very deeply unconscious level and possibilities to change these positivily.
  • Through a process of awareness of your identity and vision of the future, to bridge the current - to the desired situation in the future.
  • By functionally reinforcing the recognition and development of your core qualities, relationships and connections at all levels.
  • The way to discover and develop your own leadership and where needed help others to find their leadership by carrying it out.



During an introduction you will get an explanation about transformational leadership. Registration is required in connection with the the number of available places.

Data introduction and training are in consultation.


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