Joyce Wazirali

joyce waziraliMy name is Joyce Wazirali. I am an author and holistic therapist for people and business.

After 6 years working as a clinical chemical analyst at a hospital I started my own business in 1988 as an enterpreneur. Since then I specialized myself through training and experience in building a successful organization, personnel and personal development, complex business processes, dynamics of people in organizations and HR.

In 1988 I started as one of two co-founders and director of a successful company in business services which flourished in 13 years to a company with 80 staff members.

With my company Heliotropo, I focus on solving traumas that holds people and organizations in the past, get them in their strength in the now and revealing opportunities for the future.

With my multicultural, medical, scientific, psychological, NLP, core quality, talentcoaching, financial, systemdynamic and holistic background, I make tailor-made programs which gives insight and integration with diagnostic and healing effects.

My roots are in Asia, South America and Europe. The combination of Eastern descent, Southern temperament and Western upbringing and growing up in many cultures has made me a versatile person. As a person I have a holistic view about life and find the causes and solutions in myself. The combination of connection with nature and my environment, study, Kriya yoga, Nichiren Buddhism (universal phylosophy of life) sport and giving meaning to life helps me to get closer to my own nature.

In my practice Heliotropo I work at rational-, physical-, social-emotional-, spiritual- and on soullevel. My vision is: 'man is a unique and versatile creature, with deep answers for a happy life.'


growing to a new and higher awareness
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